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a major role with their courage, bravery and patriotism in the defense of modern China against foreign aggres▓sion.The Kirgiz and Kazaks assisted the Qing government ▓in its efforts to crush the rebellion b▓y the nobility of Dzungaria and the Seni▓or and Junior Khawaja.They resisted assaults by the rebellious Yukub B

Xiajias area.

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eg in 1864, and when the Qing troops came to southern Xinjiang to fight Yukub Beg's army, they gave them assistance.However, un▓der the pretext of "border security," the Kuomintang regime in 1944 ordered the closing of many pasturelands, depriving the Kirgiz herdsmen of their livelihood. As a result, the Puli R▓evo

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lution broke out in what is now Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County and part of the Akto area, and formed a revolut▓ionary government. This revolution, together with uprisings in Ili, Tacheng and Altay, shook the Kuomintang rul▓e in Xinjiang. More than 7,000 people ▓took part in the Puli Revolution, the majority being K

century when Gengh

is Khan rose, Xiajias

irgiz, Tajiks and Uygurs.Popu▓lation: 172,900Major areas of distribution: Xinjiang, Jilin▓ and Lia

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